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BVA Gives Cautious Welcome To Merger Of Animal Health Bodies, UK

September 07, 2017

The British Veterinary Association has given a cautious welcome to the merger of the Animal Health Agency (AH) and the Veterinary Laboratories Agency (VLA) announced by Secretary of State Caroline Spelman.

Commenting, Professor Bill Reilly, President of the British Veterinary Association (BVA), said:

"On the face of it there could be significant benefits in merging these two key animal health organisations. Already, at local and national levels, the two agencies are required to work closely and if done properly we could have one body that is completely committed to animal health.

"However, every veterinary surgeon will want reassurance that the merger will not simply become another way to cut costs by reducing the number of people working on disease surveillance and research. It is vital that both organisations continue to deliver under the new body.

"The merger could have an impact on responsibility and cost sharing plans, the tendering exercise for Official Veterinarian (OV) work, and the future of animal health delivery in the devolved administrations. The BVA is therefore calling for a wide consultation on how the merged organisation will work to ensure the best for the veterinary profession, farming community and all other interested organisations."


1. Written ministerial statement by Caroline Spelman

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