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US Life Expectancy Variations Are Large And Persistent

September 02, 2017

The USA does not seem to have an average life-expectancy. Even if an average were worked out it would not mean much. While American Asian women are expected to live about 86.7 years, black men living in some urban areas are expected to live just 68.7 years - a gap of 18 years. According to a new report, the gap between the highest and lowest life expectancies for race-country combinations in the USA is over 35 years.

The researchers divided the race-county combinations of the American population into 8 different groups, referred to as the '8 Americas', to explore the disparities that can inform specific public health intervention policies and programs.

The 8 Americas are:
(America 1 to 5 are from 2,072 counties; 3 races)
(America 6 to 8 are from 2,072 counties; blacks)

Asians in 1,889 counties with Pacific Islanders